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Press Release From Staples High School

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 March 19, 2010

Contact:  Chris Lemone 203-341-1285 or


Department of Human Services Student Outreach Counselor Chris Lemone is pleased to announce a presentation of Dr. David Bernstein’s “Jury Reach” on April 8th in the Staples High School (SHS) Auditorium from 6:00 to 9:00pm.  This program will serve as a precursor to the Teen Awareness Group’s annual Grim Reaper Day which brings to light the fact that every 30 minutes someone in the US is killed in a drunken driving accident. 


In November TAG sponsored a community wide event called DIRT which received positive feedback from Westport parents and middle/high school age children who said that they would like to attend more community based awareness and prevention events that were relevant to our community.


The “Jury Reach” program is designed to highlight and dramatize the legal and emotional consequences of driving while under the influence. This mock trial will emulate the trial of a seventeen year old student accused of killing someone in a drunken driving accident.   The program will consist of licensed attorneys who will argue the case before an actual Connecticut Criminal Court Judge and a peer jury made up of Westport high school students.  Members of Westport’s Police and Fire Departments will also participate.  


Dr. David Bernstein is a Clinical Forensic Psychologist and Trial Consultant who has held appointments at both Harvard and Yale Medical Schools.  His “Jury Reach” mock trial is scripted with specific criminal charges, witness testimony and evidence, but the case will be tried in actuality in attempt to give the audience a sense of the intensity and emotionality inside the courtroom of a homicide trial. “I hope to give students a real world experience in the criminal justice system where they are allowed to see the consequences of individuals whose decisions put them into this system,” Dr. Bernstein offers.  “Student volunteers will experience many forensic and constitutional law lessons through their participation.”


This maiden production of Jury Reach is sponsored by the Teen Awareness Group (TAG) of SHS.  TAG is a student facilitated organization, made up of an alliance of students from all social groups and backgrounds, with varying opinions and beliefs, designed to identify the various harmful situations in which many adolescents find themselves.  TAG attempts to promote safety and awareness among Westport teenagers who face difficult decisions.


If you are a Westport high school student or adult and would like to take part in this event as an actor or a member of the jury, or if you have questions about attending the event, please contact TAG directly at or Chris Lemone, LPC  at or (203) 341-1285.  Admission is free to all and seating is first come first served.  The event will air on Westport’s Educational Access.


TAG you’re it.  Your life.  Your decision.

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